wrt54g 2.2 Reboot under load, now bricked.

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by gibman, May 5, 2005.

  1. gibman

    gibman Network Guru Member


    I went from sveasoft 1.0 to dd-wrt 22-pre5.

    My 2.2 wrt54g router is rebooting all to often. Every 5 mins or so.

    My wrt54g configuration is setup to the defauls of
    4096 connections
    3600 udp/tcp timeout

    my emule client is using default nr of max connections, which is 200.
    Azureus is 1500 max. upnp in azureus is disabled.

    I have even tried to close the p2p clients, but the box still boots.

    Btw. I use a fan to blow air onto the router through the top-vents.
    (I use default safe xmit power, so no overheating here)

    Now --- why is it booting ?
    Is it happening under load perhaps ?
    Is the unit deffective ?

    I have done all the reset, factory defaults stuff. No dice here.

    Then I changed max connections from 4096 to 3072 and now I have a uptime of about 15 mins...breaking records here. The thing is becoming stable. LOL.

    So I thought.

    Then after a while the router stops responding to pings, a few good pings comes through but most were timed out. Ofcourse the web interface was not responding either.
    Funny enough the internet worked fine, p2p was working. But I found it weird that the web console would not work ...
    So I decided to power cycle the thing.

    Now it's bricked...again, the 2nd time it happens for me.
    It is so easy to brick this p.o.s.
    This time I can't revive it the easy way (reset).
    I thought that bricking a router meant doing a bad flash. It seems like running the unit normally can brick it too.

    I would kill for a refund b/c this has really taken me some time to try to fix and Ive come no close to a solution.

    I came from a software based router solution, kerio winroute along with cfosspeed as QOS. There things worked perfectly, exept for I wanted to have a more stable hardware solution, and look where it got me.

    I bought this router b/c all of the praise it got. But I can't seem to like it.

    Just to make things clear I am no network n00b.
    example I have used fwbuilder etc successfully with sveasoft 1.0 to overcome the port forwarding limitation.

    Sveasoft was also unstable for me.

    I originally bought this router to make it act like a wireless AP for my laptop. I then took the wrong decision to also make it act like a router for my entire network.

    Regards Gibman.
  2. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    does this happen when you dont use emaule or any 3rd party filesharing program.

    did you do a hard reset. maybe the router is running out of memeory
  3. gibman

    gibman Network Guru Member

    It doesn't matter what type of traffic I run on the router.
    At first I thought it was p2p clients, I then closed them down but the problem still occured.

    Yes I did a hard reset, holding it down in different time intervals.
    Both when router is off and when router is on.
    No effect.

    Before I did the reset I did this through telnet;
    nvram set clkfreq=216
    nvram commit
    (I didnt reboot after this)
    Although It didn't change the problem I had by not being able to enter the web interface or ping the router. Bear in mind the internet connection through the router was funny enough still working.

    Ofcourse following the reboot I now initiated the router might have clocked its CPU up to 216mhz and perhaps failing in doing so.

    Who knows what bricked it this time?

    Last time it was jsut running sveasoft which crashed doing normal operation. power cycled it..bricked.

  4. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    could you r.a.m or return it
  5. gibman

    gibman Network Guru Member

    Yes I can RMA it and I will do so tomorrow. I hope they will swap it out.

    Would it be a better idea to fork out the extra cash for a wrt54gs 2.0 ?
    I don't think they have a plain old 2.0 wrt54g.

    I intend to run dd-wrt. Would the extra RAM benefit me ?

  6. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

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