WRT54G and moderately long-range networks

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by kolaf, May 10, 2005.

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    I'm planning to set up a moderately large-scale wireless distribution network to extend the ADSL connection of a neighbour approximately 3 km away via my closest neighbour since I myself do not have line of sight to the distant neighbour. My plan is to place a WRT54G at the ADSL side, enabling QoS and such to differentiate traffic, connected to a 24 dBi antenna pointed at a similar antenna outside my neighbour's house. This antenna is connected to an outdoor wireless ethernet client. So the WRT54G will act as a routers/access point. At my closest neighbour will be another WRT54G connected by ethernet to the outdoor client, acting as a route/access point connected wirelessly to a third WRT54G acting as a client/route. All three houses will be on their own subnets with firewalls configured to minimise interaction between the subnets. in other words, I will be located two wireless hops and one wired hop away from the WRT54G connected to the ADSL modem.

    I have read that there are some stability issues with these units when transferring large amounts of data. Will not be able to physically reset the units upon failures so it is important that they have good stability. So the question is, do you consider the WRT54G stable enough for this kind of setup?

    Are there any specific firmwares more suited for this than others?

    Do you perhaps have other suggestions about other wireless routers/access points/clients/bridging devices that would be more appropriate in such a setup?

    summary of my planned set up:

    WRT54G, as access point/router with a lan)))3 km(((outdoor wireless ethernet client<----->WRT54G, as access point/route with a LAN)))200 m(((WRT54G, as a client with a LAN

    I appreciate any comments you might have on the subject, and look forward to a lively discussion :)

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