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WRT54G Antennas

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by auzroz, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. auzroz

    auzroz Network Guru Member

    I using two WRT's to make a outdoor bridge. I was wondering what the best antennas for the job is, and where do I get them. The link distance is about 150ft. Ideally the antenna is detached from the base unit because half of the equipment will be in a metal building, but if I could run an antenna outside, that would be perfect.
  2. CookeSkyVista

    CookeSkyVista Network Guru Member

    This goes hand in hand with my thread. I have some nice panel directional and yagis I can use for my bridge. I want to know what the connection for the antenna is on the Linksys routers.
  3. Maverik869

    Maverik869 Network Guru Member

    i belive the connections are RP-TNC.

    hyperlinktech.com is a cool place to research different things(antennas, boosters, enclosures, etc)... they have a sub company that allows you to buy stuff form them... i think its like sharperconcepts.com or something simular.. check out what they have to offer...

    i think the record of 127mi for a 2.4ghz connections was obtained using their antennas.... dont remember exactly where i saw the article on the web...
  4. CookeSkyVista

    CookeSkyVista Network Guru Member

    Well the hawking routers are RP-SMA I believe but I have an adapter for TNC.

    You guys are lots of help thanks a lot!!!

    Time to order some WRT54GorGS.

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