WRT54G & Buffalo WLA2-G5C

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Teddytora, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Teddytora

    Teddytora LI Guru Member

    Having connectivity issues with this setup, attempting to use the Buffalo Airstation as a repeater/bridge to extend my wireless network.

    XP Pro sp2
    Wrt54g with hyperwrt thibor
    Buffalo WLA2-G5C, standard firmware.

    Have checked the following: Both units are set to channel 11, both using the same ssid, both have WDS enabled. Linksys is assigning the Buffalo a wireless ip address.

    Wireless connection to Wrt54g is fine.

    Can only get a wireless internet connection with the Buffalo when it is hardwired into the router.

    Not sure where I go from here. Do I need to enter the Buffalo's Mac address anywhere in the linksys, & the Linksys's Mac address in the Buffalo (Iassume if I do then I should be using the Linksys's wireless mac address?)

    Any suggestions gratefully received.

    Many thanks,


    P.S. Yes, I know a Linksys repeater would have been easier but for some reason it's illegal here in Japan!

    PPS. Both units are using WEP. Have tried turning both off/disabling them but still no luck
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