wrt54g: can't connect to router, but have internet

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by gpomp, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. gpomp

    gpomp Network Guru Member

    hey, i have a problem with my wrt54g. i just bought this today to replace my dlink and it's already giving me problems. i was messing around with firmare and such and i think i messed something up. right now im connected to the router but my ip does not show 192.168.1.xxx as it should but rather the address straight from my cable modem. 24.36.xx.xxx. so on this wired computer, i can access the internet but not the router. now, using another computer wireless, i can connect to the router but it can't access the internet (won't renew DHCP). does anyone know what's going on?
  2. bluedog

    bluedog Network Guru Member

    Try holding in the reset button for more than 5 seconds. Hopefully that will reset it back to the default IP address and settings.
  3. gpomp

    gpomp Network Guru Member

    i held down the reset button for 30 seconds, unplugged it and held onto the reset for 30 seconds. same deal.
  4. oopsibrokeit

    oopsibrokeit Network Guru Member

    are you sure you haven't got it set in some sort of client mode? so it trys to just act as a bridge between your wired machine and the net?

    if you disconnect the router from the net (pull plug!), reset it (30secs with power switched on, or until led's flash on and off), then switch off dhcp for your own IP address and then reset it to something in the same subnet range as the default ip of the router you should be able to talk to the router agin.

    If you get your wired box to talk to it, try switching off dhcp and setting all your machines to static IP's untill you figure out what gives.

    failing all that, take the router back and ask for another one. they aren't all perfect!
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