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WRT54G death

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by Janto, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. Janto

    Janto Network Guru Member

    hey all.. This morning i was chatting and surfing..and suddenly i net was gone...ok no prob i thought i reboot it and all shall be fine...so i pull out the plug and back in.. and then..i got an ip.. My ext ip :S.. and the power led keeped on flashing.... How can this be... Anyone have any ideas to revive it...i preffer not doing the advanced debrick method in case of the warranty.
  2. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    If it's still under warranty just return it and save yourself the trouble. Aside from that, you could tyr and run a continous ping like 'ping -t' and power cycle the router again to see what that will do. If it responds then you know its not a total brick (which is very unlikely).
  3. Janto

    Janto Network Guru Member

    hmmz.. i did setup my pc staticly 192.168.1.X range and gateway then i unplugged the router and hold the reset button... and turn it back on.. if i release the button after 10 sec i notice that wlan is on and pwr led is flashing somewhat slower then if its normal on....but i still get no response from the router.. ping doesnt work etc
  4. AlwaysConnected

    AlwaysConnected LI Guru Member

  5. Janto

    Janto Network Guru Member

    ey.. i called linksys and did a rma..now someone did tell me that they find it out soon that i flashed it with a modified firmware [dd-wrt ] is this true?
  6. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    dd-wrt is modified firmware from linksys source.

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