WRT54G in Client mode with UPnp server

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by lefonzie, May 11, 2005.

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    I set up a network in my place, using the method shah describe and it works almost perfectly.
    My main router has the address (WRT54G)
    My PC connected to it (wired) has the (static to allow port enabling for the p2p)
    Then I set up a secong WRT54G as a wireless bridge , with the IP address
    To this client I have a streamium box from PHILIPS , and XBOX and a PC.
    (all the the subnet 192.168.2.x)

    Below the drawing:

    PC ----- WRT54G (router) >>>> WIFI <<<<< WRT54G(client)------ STREAMIUM

    I can ping the different devices if I connect a PC to the client or from the main PC (connected to the router), but I have an issue to have my streamium box ( finding the upnp server running on the main PC.
    However this box (streamium) can connect perfectly on the internet.
    I have disable all the firewall (on the 2 wrt54g), but also on the PC.
    I have also enable the upnp function on the 2 wrt54g (just in case ..).

    Just for the info, when the streamium is connected wired to the main PC it finds right away the upnp server.
    When also the streamium box (which is wireless capable , but poortly that was I want to use this set up) is connectly wirelessly to the Main Router, it can also see the UPnp Server running on the main PC.

    any idea would be a great help.

    Thanks in advance
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