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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Jestor, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Jestor

    Jestor Guest

    I currently have been using a WRT54G router to interface with my network at university. It is set up to be used by my desktop PC (hardwire), laptop (WiFi), and Xbox 360. However, I keep having issues with random disconnects. I have replaced and checked every cable within my system and my network administrators seem to have no clue on what the issue is. I strongly believe that it has nothing to do with my setup and is more related to the wiring of the dormitory. Main reason why I say this is that when I first moved in, I had the same issue without the router. Upon doing some measurements, I found that the impedance between the access port and switch port was 27 ohms. This is extremely higher then the 4 ohms that its supposed to be. Cleaning and adjusting things, the impedance was lowered to 4.6 ohms.

    Now... I have been told from my network administrator that the issue is with my setup and that I will need to provide proof otherwise. I am trying to figure out if the router can be the issue or not. In order to get the connection back after a drop, I have to reset the router or unplug it from my access port.
  2. cfinic

    cfinic LI Guru Member

    Is there anyone else that experiences this problem or is it just your dorm room?
  3. picohat

    picohat LI Guru Member

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