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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Shanra, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. Shanra

    Shanra Guest

    Lately I've been using a WRT54G v.3 and it was working just fine. One day it just stopped working, and has been causing me problems every since.

    I was playing an online game at the time, it started having weird issues. It was just going out, and not picking up the internet. My computer would connect to the router just fine, but it wasn't connecting to the internet. I plugged in the land line to my computer to bypass this for a while, but it was a pain and I wanted to go back to my wireless.

    I unplugged the wireless and moved it rooms. The settings seemed to have reset, at least partially (the password wasn't what I had set it too) so I had to reset the router. The password worked, although for reseting, it kept the settings I had had in place. It did work, and I thought it was fixed.

    Went to bed, woke up the next day, and it had stopped working. No matter what I did, it would not detect that it had an internet connection. Also, the router had completely reset itself some time while I was sleeping as well. The password was again the default password, and all the settings were default settings, which had been set up properly the night before.

    I have tried reseting it, both from the local page, and the reset button, unplugging it and letting it sit, and I updated the firmware from its default version to 4.20.7 and its still having this issue. I know the internet works. I can plug it into my computer fine, but the router, no matter how many times I release/renew the DHCP, is all blank.

    I do download torrents, and I know this may be a problem, but I'm obviously not trying too when getting this thing to work, so I'm up at arms. I've tried most of what I could think of. If anyone has had an experience with this, or suggestions, help would be most grateful. Thanks!
  2. Volksweizen

    Volksweizen Guest

    No Internet WRT54G v.3

    I was surprised to see that it appears you, and I are the only ones to have this problem. Mine has been getting worse. The first night just couldn't get internet, but I could still acces the other PCs on the network. I gave up after trying EVERYTHING and went to bed. Before taking it back the next day, I thought I'd try it 1 more time and it worked fine. That night after a while poof! Gone again, and this time no network. I couldn't even access the router itself. Again, after about an 8 hour break, were up and, running again. I'm going to try to take it back anyway, to avoid future problems, but I do hope to hear of a fix for this issue. Good Luck,

  3. VadWiser

    VadWiser Network Guru Member

    when you loose the net try connecting to the router trough ethernet cable. then check all IP, DHCP settings. Are those changed? Look here:
    same kind of problem
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