wrt54g no lan but have wifi

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by jakcfrost, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. jakcfrost

    jakcfrost Network Guru Member


    i was just able to unbrick my wrt54g, now using alchemy 5, my problem now is that once i've installed the new firmware, i cant connect to the wrt54g using the lan cable, only thru wireless can i get thru to the wrt54g. is this a firmware problem or some settings i missed, i tried installing the sartori 4, firmware, same thing, but before i was able to connect via lan using sarotori, thanks in advance..
  2. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    Just being curious, did you perform a hard reset before and after each firmware change?
  3. jakcfrost

    jakcfrost Network Guru Member

    if you mean by hard reset is pushing the button at the back of the box, yup i did after the firmware upgrade, not before, the only thing that seems wrong is that i'm able to tftp, while shorting pins 15 and 16, i can even firmware upgrade using the wifi using the sveasoft browser. dont know what i'm doing wrong or is my wrt54g's lan useless now, i'm thinking it has something to do with the firmware since i'm able to tfpt and pin after shorting the 2 pins.

    thanks for helping me out
  4. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

  5. joshag

    joshag Network Guru Member

    If you can ping the unit, try using TFTP to wipe the flash and reload it with a smaller firmware (smaller than 3.1mb) possibly Satori 4.0 stable. After TFTP, wait at least 2 minutes and the unit will reset itself.

    Good Luck
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