WRT54G only accessible via WLAN after FW upgrade

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Quickdraw, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. Quickdraw

    Quickdraw Network Guru Member

    I have upgraded the firmaware of my WRT54G to v 4.21.1 and since then, I cannot connect to the device thru the LAN ports, although the led of the port is flashing when connecteted. There is even no response to a ping
    The LAN connection goes from status "Acquiring network address" to "Limited or no connectivity". It seems as if DHCP does not work on the ports.

    But I can connect via WLAN and see on the interface, that 4.21.1 is the current firmware version.

    I found it confusing, that Linksys offered two FW versions for my router: 4.20.8 and 4.21.1. Should I have taken the other one?

    What to do now? Can I retry the FW load via WLAN?

    Thanks ... Joachim
  2. pfrei

    pfrei Addicted to LI Member

  3. Quickdraw

    Quickdraw Network Guru Member

    I tried several FWs but no success. The LAN ports are alive only for about 7 sec shortly after the router was started, then they are dead.
    I could get the router to failsafe mode by shortening pin 15 and 16 during power up, then I could load any FW with tftp by cable, but that didn't help either. At least that proves, that the HW is ok.

    I had a 3rd party FW installed before I wanted to load Linksys 4.21.1 to sell the device on ebay. Could it be that a 3rd party firmware damages the router permanently?

    Maybe renewing the bootloader with JTAG would help, but the old router isn't worth that effort.
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