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WRT54G Problem

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by andrescasta, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. andrescasta

    andrescasta Network Guru Member

    Hello, i bought a Linksys WRT54G router, (Firmware Version: v1.00.0 ) when i installed it i had problems with my pppoe internet connection (Works for about 30seg, and then the connecition to internet die), so i read in linksys.com about the power cycle step, i did it and and now the connection work ok, but i notice an important latency time compared to my old router a D-Link 524.

    I tested the router with 3 computers, one via utp, and 2 notebook´s wifi and the latency is the same, i tryed disabling all the security and the problem continue....

    I want to know if the firmware upgrade optimize/resolve this problem, or there something that i can do....

  2. Diavonex

    Diavonex Network Guru Member

  3. andrescasta

    andrescasta Network Guru Member

    Yes, the label said : WRT54G v5

    I read the info, the sentences marked with an * is the solution to my problem???, and tell me if is safe the flash process???

    Firmware 1.00.4
    - Resolves issues with slow downstream speeds *
    - Resolves issues with certain web sites not loading or loading slowly
    - Resolves issues with obtaining an IP address from Windows 2000 Server
    - Resolves issues with certain Internet video streaming
    - Resolves issues with playing PSP games online

    Firmware 1.00.2
    - Resolves issue with SES and interoperability with other adapters
    - Resolves issue with DynDNS abusive updates

    Firmware 1.00.1
    - Resolves issue with enabling remote management
    - Resolves issue with unstable device boot up
    - Resolves issue with International country codes

    Firmware 1.00.0
    - Initial Release

  4. cfelbab

    cfelbab Network Guru Member

    Even with the latest firmware upgrade, this router is still a HUGE disappointment. It is true that it runs much faster with the point 4 upgrade but the router still hangs up every few days and requires me to unplug it and replug it in again to bring it back to life. A wireless router should be like a dialtone, it should not require constant babysitting. When you consider that this device is more expensive than products like NetGear the issue is even more amazing. I was thinking that Cisco was a good company and a name I could trust but I am really doubting that now.

    Anybody else still having this issue? If so, any suggestions other than tossing out the router to resolve this issue?
  5. andrescasta

    andrescasta Network Guru Member

    I have a 256Kbits ADSL connection, so the bandwith reducement is not a problem at all to me, but the latency time yes it is, is there any setting to reduce it, because if i upgrade the firmaware i believe that i couln't going to return the router.

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