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WRT54G Repeater for D-Link?

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by _Sexy_Pants_, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. _Sexy_Pants_

    _Sexy_Pants_ Guest

    I've been wrestling with this all night and wondering if it could happen. I started my home network with a couple of D-link products: a DI-614+ router and DWL-800AP+ repeater among them. Both of them have crapped out on me. The DI-614+ returned from RMA, but considering that I never liked it anyway, I decided to just replace it with a WRT54G while it was in the shop. Realizing too late that this wasn't going to work out with the D-Link hardware I had, I read about the alchemy feature to use it as a repeater. I decided this would be useful and thought that since it uses third-party drivers it wouldn't hold any sort of brand bias.

    I've read many instances of people mentioning it being used as a repeater and read many guides on using WDS, but the only guides I can find are between two Linksys routers. So... is it at all possible for my wrt54g to act as a repeater for my DI-614+?

    Either way I'm impressed with this sucker. I might end up just buying another one if this doesn't work out and THEN using WDS.

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