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WRT54G V.3 : Disconnects frequently.

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by haitu, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. haitu

    haitu Guest

    So i bought this router about 2 years ago (v.3) and it has been working okay until now. Theres 2 problems with it, but 1 main one i came here to discuss about. The first one isn't so bad but i would love for it to be fixed and that is

    1. The port 1 of the router doesn't work. It doesn't light up or anything and I really can't remember if i bought it like that. Could it be a hardware problem?

    But my main problem is:

    2. Ok so recently (this week), our internet which is: 1 cable modem linked to a D-LINK WIRELESS ROUTER which links to the WRT54G V.3. So we have 2 routers together. Anyways, frequently, like every 10-15 minutes our internet drops and reconnects for another 10-15 then drops again.

    It isn't the cable modem problem nor the D-LINK because i have tested the modem solo, then i tested the Dlink modem and all works, but when i connect the WRT54G to the set up, crap happens. The weird thing is, this set up has been working for almost a year now up until now. I tried resetting it but no go.
  2. owenfam

    owenfam LI Guru Member

    SSID same?

    I had a WAP54G I used for years with no issues, I recently upgraded to the WRT54G and had the same issue you describe. For me, the new router I set up with the same SSID as I had been using on the WAP54G. My windows XP wireless NIC had of course setup a record for my SSID under "Wireless Networks" tab of my NIC's config. It appears that now that I had a new device (both Linksys though), using the same SSID, my laptop got confused and gave me the same symptoms you are experiencing. All I did was delete the Wireless Network entry for my SSID in my NIC's config on my laptop and let it recreate it and all has been well ever since. I only bring up this idea because you say you have to wireless routers, even though I realize they are not both Linksys. Do they have the same SSID? I hope this helps somehow.

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