WRT54G v2.04.4 8/4/2004

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Toxic, Aug 10, 2004.


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  1. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Firmware 2.04.4
    - Updated wireless driver
    - Updated certificate generation for https access

    Firmware 2.04.3
    - Resolves issue with disabling firewall
    - Added QoS function
    - Added Port Triggering function
    - Added L2TP option for WAN connection type
    - Added ability to back up and restore configuration files
    - Added Wireless isolation function
    - Added ability to filter internal NAT redirection
    - Added ability to restrict access to web GUI from wireless clients
    - Added ability to filter IDENT port 113
    - Resolves issue with HeartBeat WAN connection
    - Added support for 40/56bit cipher to support old browsers to use https
    - Resolves issue with PPTP passthrough
    - Changed WPA Group Key renewal time range to 600~7200 seconds
    - Added IGMP proxy support
    - Added ability to allow web GUI access only through https or http

    Firmware 2.02.2
    - Updated wireless driver to support all versions of WRT54G hardware
    - Adds support to allow WAP54G connect as a repeater
    - CTS protection mode set to disable by default to improve wireless performance in normal environments
    - Resolved issue where the WLAN LED stays on even when wireless is disabled
    - Resolved security vulnerability causing the web server in the router to crash

    Firmware 2.00.8 (WRT54G v.2 only)
    - Updated wireless driver

    Firmware Version 1.42.2
    - Updated wireless driver to 3.31.15
    - Added URL and contents filters
    - Added L2TP passthrough
    - Added HeartBeat Signal support
    - Resolved issue with Connect on Demand

    Firmware Version 1.41.2
    - Updated GUI format and layout

    Firmware Version 1.30.7
    - Adds UI control to enable/disable frame bursting
    - Resolves issue with firmware upgrade error in Internet Explorer 6.0.2800.1106.xpsp2.030422-1633, on Windows XP pro.
    - Send to disable DynDNS
    - Resolves issue with using the 4th tx key for WEP
    - Resolves issue with disconnecting PPPoE causing WPA to be disabled

    Firmware Version 1.30.1
    - Adjust PPTP max MTU value from 1400 to 1460
    - The router is now certifiable for the UPnP logo
    - Complies with final 802.11g standard
    - Improved performance asymmetry between the transmit and receive paths
    - Receive Broadcast packets from renew state. Some DHCP server (Dlink 300G+) send broadcast ACK after it receives a REQUEST
    - Fix: The firmware upgrade will fail, if DDNS updates while upgrading
    - Fix: If first DNS address fails, the second or third DNS address will be used to resolve domain names
    - Added the following items under Setup Page:
    - Router Name
    - Manual Time Server
    - MAC Clone
    - wireless domain
    - Security Settings
    - Added the following items under System Page
    - UPnP enable/disable
    - Ping Test and Traceroute
    - Added the following items under Wireless Page
    - CTS Protection Mode
    - Basic Rate
    - Added the following items under Status Page
    - Router Name
    - Start IP Address
    - End IP Address
    - Added Wi-Fi Protected Access(TM) support including AES and TKIP encryption
    - Resolves issue with Port Forwarding name showing up as garbage characters
    - Added "B-Only" option to wireless modes
    - Added "Default" option to Basic Rate settings

    Firmware Version 1.02.1
    - Incorporates updates found in the Draft IEEE 802.11g version 6.1 specification
    - Resolves interoperability issues with legacy 802.11b devices under Mixed Mode
    - Resolves a performance bug where the performance in a mixed b, g network did not go up once the last b client disassociated
    - Resolves issue where WEP degrades performance
    - Resolves issue with TZO DDNS Service
    - "Domain Name" replaces "name"
    - TFTP server will only verify image file name "xxxx.bin"
    - MAC Address Filter under the Advanced tab works on both wired and wireless clients
    - Fixed a bug that prevented wireless clients from connecting to the Internet if there was no active wired PC (PPoE customers in Europe and China only)
    - Support for UPnP enabled applications such as MSN Messenger
    - Fixed a bug that caused computers connected to the LAN ports to be dropped at some interval only to be immediately re-connected
    - Fixed Dynamic Routing issue between 2 Routers
    - Allows User to name Static Route Configurations
    - Modified PC List Web Page to avoid confusion
    - Stabilized Wireless-G to LAN and WAN Throughput
    - Stabilized Wireless-B to LAN and WAN Throughput
    - Improved LAN-WAN Throughput

    Firmware Ver.: 1.01
    - Initial release
  2. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    Yet more fixes :?
  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    lets hope the new wireless driver is better than the last one. I could even connect to my pc downstairs and even using hyperwrt with the driver boosted at max the connection kept failing.
  4. Avenger20

    Avenger20 Network Guru Member

    It's just the same driver, but they fixed the bug that prevented it from reading out the Xmit power from the router.

    You will even notice that v2.04.4 will take the value that HyperWRT was set to. So if you never runned other firmware then official linksys, you will get 19mW, and if you runned HyperWRT before you will get 42mW.

    You can expect HyperWRT v1.3 in a few days based on v2.04.4.

    All features in To-Do list will get added too in HyperWRT v1.3.
    I personally like the autostart script. That way you can set up syslogging with wallwatcher and the settings will survive a reboot too :wink:
  5. thelordsmurf

    thelordsmurf Network Guru Member

    Massive slowdown with 2.04.4 over wireless

    I just upgraded the firmware for my parents' WRT54G to 2.04.4, and now both wireless computers hooked to the router are no longer working! I upgraded the router and then reset the router (as instructed by linksys over the phone), and now the computers wired to the router are working, but the wireless ones are either very slow or not working at all. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to fix this? I'm at a total loss! :!:
  6. JetLi

    JetLi Network Guru Member

    when down Linksys released new Frmware for EU? Last is from Febrary 2004 :oops:
  7. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    EU can be very slow when it comes to some firmware release.

    You can use the US firmware for WRT54G on EU version - I have used it on my UK version without problems, but channels 12 and 13 will not be available after the update.

    You can also use one of the custom firmware, like HyperWRT, to update your router. Avenger20's HyperWrt firmware is based on the more up-to-date US firmware and added/enabled a few tweaks, one of which is making available channels 12 and 13.
  8. JetLi

    JetLi Network Guru Member

    ok, Thnx, i look for the HyperWRT Firmware
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