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WRT54G v2.2 + DD-WRT 23SP2 = frequent connection loss (lan) + random resets!?

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by wesmoc, May 7, 2008.

  1. wesmoc

    wesmoc Network Guru Member

    I posted something similar to the DD-WRT forums, but I hadn't heard anything there.. so, I thought I would try here. I searched through the forums and saw some hints, but nothing that made me think "yeah, that's the solution!" I did come across something similar in this posting http://www.linksysinfo.org/forums/showthread.php?t=33758 but I wasn't sure if the problem there was what I was experiencing (although it does sound close).

    This article I found (http://roachfiend.com/archives/2006/01/02/if-you-happen-to-have-a-linksys-wrt54g-wireless-router/ - it seems kind of old, but still) on line might work, too, since I didn't find that until just now.. I was wondering if the advice there might do the trick...

    Also, I tried v23.. I'm wondering if v24R7 would be a better one to try.

    I've had a v2.2 WRT54G for several years now, and it has been running $veasoft Alchemy pretty much since the first month that I got the router (needed more than the stock IP forwarding fields that the linksys firmware supplied). I watched the dd-wrt development, and even tried (nearly bricked the router) installing it very early on.

    I decided it was time to install newer firmware for the better features and performance. So, last night, I figured I would go about this in baby steps. I downloaded both dd-wrt and the latest $veasoft firmware and a copy of my original Alchemy firmware, and put all of those on a laptop with a current backup copy of the Alchemy settings.

    I then ran the update to $veasoft, and reset the router to the defaults. That's when the problems happened.

    It sorta took the reset, but I had to hard reset the unit. And from there, it wouldn't take any changes. After many attempts to replace the firmware & etc, I thought I was sunk. What finally worked was to upgrade the firmware to dd-wrt *wirelessly* (wired resulted in a page with "the parameters you supplied are invalid. please try again") and I reset the router.

    So.. now I have dd-wrt on the router. I configured it all up, and after a few minutes I started seeing notifications that the ip_conntrack was dropping packets (I enabled syslogd to log to my main server) and the router became un-ping-able.

    I reset the router and after a few minutes, the same thing happened. I reset it again and managed to get in to the web interface to see that the default # of IP connections was at 512, and I was already pushing >400. So, I up'ed the number to the max (4096?) and reset the router.

    From there, things seemed a bit more stable, but after 30 minutes, I noticed that I couldn't get to hosts outside of my network. I checked the router (it took a while to get in to the interface) and saw that the # of connections was > 3000.

    Now, I did see that google was crawling a couple of the websites I host, but I couldn't really explain why the IP connection were up so high.

    I had QOS enabled, port forwarding for about 14 services, wireless enabled with simple WEP PSK, SNMP enabled (but I couldn't walk the snmp tree), ssh, ntp, and the dhcp server was disabled (I run the dhcp server on another machine). I've got a static IP address, and all of that was configured.

    I ended up backing down to the firmware I started with and restoring my settings. I'd rather be running dd-wrt, but I don't know why it couldn't handle things nor do I know where to start looking. The load average on the wrt54g w/ dd-wrt was less than 0.8...[/u]
  2. alcalina

    alcalina Guest

    * try to change the clock to 216 or underclock
    * put less connections and tcp/udp times look for the tweaks with torrents ( about 1048 connections or less udp 120 and tcp about 300)
    * take off QOS ( a lot of processor usage)
    * take off one antenna
    * put a cooler
    * try the version v24

    and for last ( my problem) check your ISP I dunno but my ISP sometimes stop of work ( too many connections from me) and the router go down too
    I tried with another and worked fine, so I have to stay with this problem

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