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WRT54G v2.2 - Slow WAN speed suddenly

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by lakebranch, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. lakebranch

    lakebranch Networkin' Nut Member

    I have this WRT54G v2.2 that has served me well for over six years. It's connected to a ZyXEL ADSL modem. I used to get a maximum of 6.5Mbps (according to online speed tests). Since a while back I have this strange situation:
    • Online speed tests => max 0.5-1.5Mbps
    • Same result with a regular HTTP download
    • Using a download manager (i.e multiple "streams" at once) => max speed
    I emailed my provider since I was convinced they were limiting me on a per stream basis or something. Haven't received an answer yet (been 5 days) but since then I've connected my ADSL modem directly to multiple computers and to my surprise I get full speed (using only one stream).
    So somehow my WRT54G is responsible for this. I mean, I could understand if the max throughput was bad "all the time", but why do I get it up to max speeds using multiple streams?
    I've been using "plain" Tomato for over a year without problem but since this started I've tried various variants of Tomato. I've also tried DD-WRT and even the official Linksys firmware. They all behave the same way.
    Can't wrap my head around this. Old and tired WRT54G? Time to get a WRT54GL?
  2. lakebranch

    lakebranch Networkin' Nut Member

    Problem solved.

    I bought a new Linksys E4200. However, the problems were still there. As a last resort I bought a new modem as well and that seems to have fixed it. Keep in mind that I could connect my previous ADSL-modem directly to a computer and get full speed. For some reason, it didn't behave well when connected to a router. Not sure when it started to act up but it must have been sometime in last couple of months. Strange problem.

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