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WRT54G V2 Upload problem

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by key2way, May 1, 2007.

  1. key2way

    key2way Guest

    I have a WRT54g v2 and I am having problems with my uploads.
    When I upload anything with speeds over 400MB/s it will last about a minute or two then it drops to 0MB/s. I also lose downloads at that time also.
    (I have 2MB/s up and 12MB/s down with my provider.)

    We tried (Cable tech and myself) 3 different modems and it's still the same thing.
    If I go directly to the modem I have no problems until I connect the WRT54g.

    I tried Hyperwrt, DD-WRT and Thibor15c but I am now using the Linksys firmware and all gave the same results.
    Once over 400MB/s on the upload it craps out.

    Downloads I can get a great connection with no drop outs.
    (was downloading at 8MB/s for 30 minutes without a problem)

    Anyone else run into this problem?


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