WRT54G v4.0 & WRT54GS v3.0 Release

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by ceevee, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. ceevee

    ceevee Guest

    Has anyone seen the new versions in stores? The existing firmwares probably wouldn't work with them, right?

    Any clues?
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    not as yet these will however be sold soon i guess. our info was from linksys themselves and the FCC
  3. A-ONE

    A-ONE Network Guru Member

    once someone notcies one of these, can u post the number ? u know that CDF8 number or something of that rather ? i would love to get my hands on a new G 4.0 hopefully they dont revise these too much. i was plannin on getting a 3.0 g too, but i guess ill hold off.
  4. LibertyLunch

    LibertyLunch Network Guru Member

    I picked up a WRT54GS v3.0 in Austin 2 days ago at Best Buy.
  5. ceevee

    ceevee Guest

    I'm looking to get a WRT54GS v3.0. What does the serial number of your WRT54GS v3.0 start with?

    Taken from Linksysinfo:

    CDF0 = WRT54G v1.0 / ADM6996L Chipset
    CDF1 = WRT54G v1.0 / ADM6996L Chipset
    CDF2 = WRT54G v1.1 / ADM6996L Chipset
    CDF3 = WRT54G v1.1 / ADM6996L Chipset
    CDF5 = WRT54G v2.0 / ADM6996L Chipset
    CDF7 = WRT54G v2.2 / BCM5325EKQM Chipset
    CDF8 = WRT54G v3.0 / BCM5325EKQM Chipset
    CDF9 = WRT53G v3.1 / BCM5325
    CDFA = WRT54G v4.0 / BCM5350/BCM5352 Chipset

    CGN0 = WRT54GS v1.0 / ADM6996L Chipset
    CGN1 = WRT54GS v1.0 / ADM6996L Chipset
    CGN2 = WRT54GS v1.1 / BCM5325EKQM Chipset
    CGN3 = WRT54GS v2.0 / BCM5325EKQM Chipset
    CGN4 = WRT54GS v2.1 /
    CGN5? = WRT54GS v3.0 / BCM5350/BCM5352 Chipset

    Also, did you try any 3rd party firmware? Which ones work with the new WRT54GSv3.0?
  6. Rainey

    Rainey Network Guru Member

    The big question is dose it work correctly without a firmware upgrade. Let hope that this new rev is to fix the wireless problems these routers had. I think i will wait until i here reports that it is worked good and is stable, before i get one of these new revs.
  7. A-ONE

    A-ONE Network Guru Member

    id like to get ahold of one of the new models aswell, but what firmware are these flashed with ? LibertyLunch ? the new firmware hasnt been relesed to support these. and to release another revision so soon, its a bit odd.

    DCIFRTHS Guest

    What is version 4 supposed to add over version 3?

  9. Dijital

    Dijital Network Guru Member

    Any news? when and where and what are the differences
  10. jorupp

    jorupp Network Guru Member

    I stopped at my local Best Buy (Des Plaines, IL) for about 20 minutes last night and went through all the G and GS models they had out -- all the G models were CDF8 and all the GS were CGN3.

    There's another near where I work (Skokie, IL), so I'll check that one this afternoon, but I'd guess they won't be out until after BB's current rebate offer on them expires (you can get the G for $40 after rebate).
  11. jorupp

    jorupp Network Guru Member

    I stopped at the BB in Skokie this afternoon -- same story -- a very large pile of WRT54G boxes, all CDF8. I guess I'll have to wait a few weeks to get one of the new ones.
  12. davidpitkin

    davidpitkin Network Guru Member

    I just got a WRT54G at Staples and the serial number starts with CDF9. I tried to load a few new firmware's and they all failed.

    The web pages reference Firmware Version : v4.00.7

    Should I return it to run the fancy firmware? I really would like my WRT to work as a bridge right now and not a router but I can't find how to change that.
  13. ftee

    ftee Guest

    i just got my router too from Fry's. The serial starts with CDF9, and it's version 3.1. Unfortunately, version 4 is still not out yet.
  14. davidpitkin

    davidpitkin Network Guru Member

    I now see that I have a v3.1 WRT54G. The v4 on the webpage threw me.

    I was able to load a few of the alternative firmware's on my router and figured out that if I just turn of the DHCP server and don't use the "Internet" port on the back I effectivly have a bridge.

    Sorry for the newbie confusion.
  15. Cheval

    Cheval Network Guru Member


    Any word on the new models? Wondering where available and how they work.
  16. TomVu

    TomVu Guest

    It looks like the v4 is starting to trickle into stores. The Circuit City at Union Square in Manhattan had a bunch of them when I picked up my WRT54G on Friday (8/5). Serial # begins w/ CDFA and the bottom of the router is labeled "WRT54G v4". It came w/ firmware 4.20.6. I'm not sure if the v3 routers have this or not, but it has a "secure easy setup" (SES) button on its front panel.
  17. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    You think thats bad enough a WRT54G v5 is now on the cards:)
  18. MPSAN

    MPSAN Network Guru Member

    I just bought a WRT54GS from CC last Friday. It was v2.1 and CGN4.

    I had asked about v4 and Linksys said it had the Parental Controls removed. Not sure just what v3 is, but I had thought the GS was a good router...even at level 2.1. I know I just disabled the DHCP and connected it to one of my switches and it is working fine as a second router (WAP and extra LAN Ports). Will test Wireless when my new Laptop with SpeedBooster comes in a week or so.

    P.S. Why does sysinfo still show v2.0? Is there another way to display the correct Version?


  19. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    because it most like does't show the Model version number correctly.

    why is everyone so obsessed with sysinfo.htm.

    the version number should be on the bottom of the Unit. and if not use the chart listed HERE
  20. MPSAN

    MPSAN Network Guru Member

    Thank you. No problem as I had already looked on the bottom and saw v2.1.

    With so many hardware versions it makes me wonder if I got a good (v2.1) Router. However, all of my network IS wired except for the one laptop due here next week.

  21. chriso_86

    chriso_86 Guest

    I just got a v4 to setup for my neighbor. I wanted to add a custom firmware. Does this mean I can't now? I really don't want to break it since it's not mine. :grin:
  22. lyric

    lyric Network Guru Member

    I just purchased a version 4 router today from a local best buy's. Unfortunately, I can't find any firmwares that will be compatible with it, or does anyone know of any? thanks!
  23. who1981

    who1981 Guest

    Dang Version 4!

    I just bought two WRT54Gs for a wireless bridge...Without checking serials...I got a V3.1 and a V4 :thumbdown:

    The 3.1 took various firmwares I threw at it, but the blasted V4 wouldn't work with any.

    If anyone knows of a client capable firmware that supports v4, we all would like to know.

    Or if someone wants to whip one up based on the Linksys 4.20.6 firmware. that would be very noble. :thumb:

  24. EnigmaX4

    EnigmaX4 Network Guru Member

    DD-WRT V23 is based on it. And I tried Openwrt White russian RC2and it will work on it.
  25. Cheval

    Cheval Network Guru Member

    I just went to my local Staples and they only had the older, in some cases 2 models old, of the WRT54G(S) :(

    I wonder if it's really worth trying to get the new ones???
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