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WRT54G V5 and WRT54GS V4 problem (linking)

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Sumi, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. Sumi

    Sumi Network Guru Member

    Hi guys.

    I've got a wrt54gs v4 router, it works perfect, it shares internet through cable, and even wlan.. fine.

    my friend just bought a wrt54g v5 :( sad thing... anyway, it is no way, to replace it, with anything else. so, it's working, it does the same thing, like the GS does. ok the problem is when i would like to link the two routers together... ( and both of us want to use our own internet connection, we would only like to create file sharing, and if i can't connect to my router on wlan, that's not a problem, but the "v5 household" must use the wlan connection as well), so i just can't make it happen.. the GS runs a dd-wrt, and i see the other router in site survey, but neither wds, neither client mode... nothing works:( so is there a way to make this work? or bad thing, he bought the v5 version, and we shall forget about linking the two networks together?!

    please help me.

    thank you very much!
  2. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    Your friend with the :( v5 unit could run "AP client mode" and attach to your network. Recommend a directional antenna on his end. Then from a LAN port on his :thumbdown: v5 unit go directly to some client PC you want to have network.

    If you need more than one PC in other house you cannot do that with *basic* AP-client mode, only single MAC address on LAN is supported. For more hosts you need fancy client-bridged or client-routed not possible on :sad: v5 unit since no alternate firmware possible. Cheap solution is to run from LAN port on his to WAN port of a cheap WiFi router, I used an SMC WBR-14G I found for $10 after rebate for this job once, works fine use different subnet on other side, double-NAT works okay.
  3. Sumi

    Sumi Network Guru Member

    The V5 runs in AP mode by default i think, and it's not changable.. thats ok. but why can't i connect to it, with my dd-wrt GS ?
  4. Sumi

    Sumi Network Guru Member

    however, i managed to get a KTI AP connected to the v5 wrt, but how can i get the DD-wrt GS connected to it???? thats the main question
  5. Sumi

    Sumi Network Guru Member

    when i set the GS (dd-wrt) to client mode, just nothing happens.. i see the other router in status-wireless-site survey.. but when i press join site, it says: ok, saved.. but nothing happens really...
  6. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    What? You are saying the v5 has no "AP-client" mode? That is very strange, has been basic feature of all Linksys factory firmware for a long time. So sorry!

    Well with your GS, you would have to have a PC attached to LAN. After joining, try to do DHCP renew and you should get address on the "other network". GS will act like a big blue/grey WiFi adapter.
  7. Sumi

    Sumi Network Guru Member

    yup, that's exactly what i'm trying to do, but it is not working....

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