WRT54g, WAP54g, 2 PCs and a Dreambox Sat Receiver

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Arantar, Apr 20, 2005.

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    Hello there!

    I bought an WRT54g Router to connect 2 PCs to the internet via DSL (works fine) and I want use the WAN connection to connect to my dreambox satreceiver via a WAP54g access point. Purpose is to get rid off the 10 meters LAN cable I used before to connect to my dreambox and have a permanent connection set up.
    The dreambox is basicly a computer, based on linux, with a 100MBit/s Lan interface and digital video broadcasting cababilities.
    My PC (static IP is connected to the WRT54g (static IP Via the WRT54g it should build a WLAN connection to the WAP54g Access Point (static IP which is connected via CAT5 cable to the Dreambox (static IP
    I am able to configure the access point when I connect it via a lan cable to my WRT54g without major problems. As soon as I try to access the WAP54g Web Interface via WLAN, I fail with most possible setups. The only possiblity is to set it up in "Access Point client", which then does allow me to access the Web Config interface off the access Point - which did for me technically prove that a WLAN connection between router and access point is possible. (why does it not work with the standard "Access Point" configuration?)
    In the end of the day the working WLAN connection did not solve my problem, as I am not able to access the Dreambox from my PC. Either telnet access and ping give me a timeout.

    What am I doing wrong? How do I have to setup the Access Point and Router? What is the correct mode for the Access Point?

    Your help would be appreciated very much!!


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