WRT54G, WRT54GC - which one should i buy?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by oskarrr, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. oskarrr

    oskarrr Network Guru Member

    I need a router to share my (useless) broadband between my ibook and my packard bell laptop. But i want the ability to surf both with and without wires...

    I've been looking at WRT54G and WRT54GC but don't know which one to buy.
    I first got interested in WRT54G but i think it's really ugly and i've heard people say that it's a bit unstable, so at first i was very glad when i found WRT54GC.
    But when i looked in to WRT54GC a little bit more i only find people who says that the router is really slow and even more unstable than he WRT54G.
    Is this true for all of you WRT54GC-owners or is there anyone who has a stable WRT54GC?
    Perhaps there has been some new firmware releases that have fixed the problems?

    Please help me with which one i should buy, perhaps there even is another model that is even better than WRT54G and WRT54GC in the same price range?

    Thanks in advance!
    (and sorry for my crappy english :( )
  2. oskarrr

    oskarrr Network Guru Member

    I've also been looking at WRT54GS. Is this a stable unit? Is there lots of firmware to WRT54GS, like there is to WRT54G?

    So, the ones i'm choosing from is


    which one is the best?!
  3. wilddog1806

    wilddog1806 Guest

    Hi oskarrr,
    i would prefer to buy a WRT54G or WRT54GS, because i have a WRT54GC at the moment and have still trouble when i get disconnected after 24h from my DSL provider (T-Online).

    so i was today with my pc dealer and he will get it back and order me a WRT54GS :thumbup: . if you have an other provider or you don't need to be connected all the time it could work without problems.

    hope i could help you.


  4. oskarrr

    oskarrr Network Guru Member

    I´ve just ordered the WRT54GS, hope it will work fine!
  5. oskarrr

    oskarrr Network Guru Member

    i need a wireless card for my packard bell laptop. Which one will work great with my WRT54GS?
    I've been looking at WPC54G, is that a good card? Is there any better one?
  6. richard

    richard Network Guru Member

    Hello oskarrr.

    I recently picked up a WRT54GS and WPC54GS and they've been working great together.

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