WRT54G & WRT54GX Wifi Issues

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by mat2057, May 15, 2005.

  1. mat2057

    mat2057 Guest

    Hi !
    I own these 2 routers and I have the same problem. When wifi connection is used, it hangs.
    I'm trying version 4.00.5US for wrt54g but I didn't find anything for wrt54gx. Do you know if any fixed firmware is out and if this problem is known ?

  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    There is the version information for the latest firmware for the WRT54GX:

    Linksys- A Division of Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Release Date : March 25, 2005
    Current Firmware : Version 1.01.05
    Product PartNo : WRT54GX

    Ver #. Date Description
    1.01.05 Mar. 25.2005 1. Fixed Passphrase generation through the router
    when using the setup wizard.
    2. Modified Restricted Access to apply only on PC

    1.01.04 Mar. 1, 2005 1. Updated wireless driver 1.4.127 to support WEP share only
    2. Added associated type to WEP mode, which support auto, open
    and shared for user’s selection
    3. Fixed MAC address filter with the 4th entr
    4. Added Dynamic router for RIPv1 &RiPv2
    5. Added SNMP v1 &v2
    6. Added UPnP forwarding
    7. Added LAN side loopback with Domainname support
    8. Added Wireless MAC filter feature in Wireless network access
    9. Added Function for WEBsite blocking by URL or Keywords
    10. Changed log format
    11. Fixed Wireless->wep generate key issue
    12. Fixed DDNS changes does not restart the router
    13. Fixed “DDNS failed to register under PPPoE connect on demand modeâ€,
    after changing to PPPoE Connect on demand mode. The DDNS process will
    register router’s IP address correctly.
    14. Fixed Access restrictions setting multiple day of the week will also
    restrict other days that were not selected.
    15. Mac entrys support both “xx-xx..†and “xx:xx†format.

    1.00.13 Dec 10, 2004 First release
    Check your user guide for Upgrade instructions.
  3. giabetiu

    giabetiu Guest

    Once using WEP, WRT54G is getting more and more unstable

    If I am nost using any wireless security everything works ok.
    - Firmware Version: v3.03.6
    - disable SSID broadcast
    - port range forwarding
    (and al the rest to default)

    Activating WEP then strange things are happening:
    - DHCP sometimes is giving a wrong IP address (192.168.71.x , when 71 is not in my range..)
    - the laptop (Asus M6000R) sometimes cannot connect at all
    - I'm using some port forwarding rules so that HTTP request from outside to go to a server from inside the network. This, suddenly doesn't work.

    To make it work I have to reset it (30secs..) then to restore a previous backup.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you.

    Gia Betiu
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