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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Phoenixbwp, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. Phoenixbwp

    Phoenixbwp Network Guru Member

    Just to let you all know, there is a small issue with this baby. Don't try and use it at a coffeeshop with about 15 clients per hour. The problem is the same as with a netgear WGR614; windows clients either get dropped or cannot connect when others are connected (Apple's). I think it is either one of two problems: DHCP or Channel interference. One thing that bugs me is, why does DHCP on wifi routers take so long to refresh? Just now I remoted and found no one connected, and the client table still had 3 listed and they have not been there in 4 hours. Is this a firmware thing, or just a dumb version of DHCP? I am new to this type of networking and I am at my wits end (telling customers to reboot winXP or stop using ZWC). And I have used static with a few clients but don't want to do that with all.

    Has there been any tests to see if Alchemy would work on "GC"?

    Comcast Cable Modem-->WRT54GC firmware v1.02.8-->compaqV2030Centrino
  2. Phoenixbwp

    Phoenixbwp Network Guru Member

    Update to my first post.

    OK, my centrino laptop could not connect even when I was one foot from the router. and the DHCP table was showing lease times for clients not there (set lease time to 60 minutes). The average amount of people using the router at one time is about 9 clients now, and most of them windows laptops.

    When I clear the DHCP table, I can connect fine and then go away, and connect again (until the table gets screwed up). Is there a firmware that may help out my situation?
  3. Guyfromhe

    Guyfromhe Network Guru Member

    i don't know alot about this device in particular but i'm not sure if you can get any other firmware solutions, make sure your running the latest Linksys firmware on it... if it's just a DHCP problem you may want to try running a dhcp server on another machine and see if that helps out...
  4. Phoenixbwp

    Phoenixbwp Network Guru Member

    I broke down and bought the wrt54g v3 and updated to the alchemy software from this site, and it works like a charm!

    Now to see if people at the coffee shop cannot connect (windows laptops)

    == I think the problem with most of these routers for small hotspots, is the need for AP Watchdog. After the first hour, the DHCP table looks better and all the windows clients can connect with out hassle. ==

    Thank you for your hard work GPL and others who changed the code.
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