WRT54GC issues

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Porn, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. Porn

    Porn Network Guru Member

    Hi all, looking for a small amount of help.

    About 2 weeks ago i picked up a gc, got it all set up and running fine except for a few small issues.

    1st off my setup:

    cable modem-befsx41-wrt54gc

    the 41 has dhcp on the outside interface, static on the inside (192.168.a.x), the outside interface of the gc is set to static (192.168.a.y), with the inside set to dhcp. ive got a patch cable from one of the 41 lan ports to the wan port on the gc.

    well i was having a prob w/ static dhcp, but just got that running. forgot that it defaults to .100 on the last octet.

    the other issue im having is remote management. got it set up to be remote managed from 192.168.a.z, which is my desktop. but i cant seem to connect to the gc from my desktop (remote manage on, upgrade off). tried the inside and outside interface, both of them 404. the gc is setup as a router for operational mode. i can ping the outside interface of the gc w/o a prob.

    running 1.02.5 for firmware, they have the .8 out but it doesnt list "my problem".

    im sure im missing something stupid.....
  2. nujackk

    nujackk Network Guru Member

    Not sure about your firmware as I have .08, but you might want to check your setting on internet nat redirection.
    It is under security/firewall The exact title is Filter Internet NAT redirection. I think you want this disabled.
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