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WRT54GL : Decreasing Speed Vs Direct Cablemodem conection

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Hernanf, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Hernanf

    Hernanf Guest

    Hi, I´m Hernan from Argentina and recently I get a 2.5Mbs Cablemodem conection from my local ISP Fibertel.

    I Have a HP notebook so after the instalation I bought an WRT54GL (no firmware update yet) to get a wifi conection in my flat.

    When I was testing my speed conection I was very dissapointed for the speed I was getting because I wasn´t getting the suppossed speed of the plan I was choose. So I started to do some test donwloading the same file form same site. And here are the results.....

    Test#1: Cablemodem DIRECT conected to my laptop
    Average Speed 295 KB/Sec (Good it was, what I expected from my conection)
    Screen Capture

    Test #2: Cablemodem conected to WRTG54GL and then conected via ethernet to my laptop
    Average Speed 95 KB/Sec
    Screen Capture

    Test#3: Cablemodem conected to Wrt54 and WIFI conection to my laptop
    Average Speed 107 KB/Sec
    Screen Capture

    So here is where i Will ask all of you for some help. Why I´m getting aprox 200 KB/Sec less when I use my Internet conection trough my WRT54GL. I have to update the Firm? I must configure some especific item in the setup ( I get my setup very similar to out of box setup...I only turned on security items for a secure conection...).

    Well thanks to all,

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