WRT54GL + Hub + IP Masquerading + Tomato = Huh???

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Cricht0n, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Cricht0n

    Cricht0n Addicted to LI Member

    Hello folks I'm completely new to the world of wireless etc etc so bear with me, let describe the current setup:

    Fedora Server performing IP Masquerading

    ISP Modem => Eth0
    Eth1 (Static IP of, my gateway out) => IBM Hub (24 ethernet port hub yeah i know it's overkill but it's fun)

    XP Box on => IBM Hub
    Static IP

    Vonage Phone => IBM Hub
    Static IP

    Vista Laptop in the living room => Want to connect wireless
    Static IP on wireless card:
    Default Gateway (the WRT)

    Linksys WRT54GL Flashed with 1.25 Tomato
    Internet Port => IBM Hub
    Disabled WAN/Internet setting
    LAN Settings => IP
    Subnet (all above connections on the same subnet)
    Default Gateway =>
    Static DNS (gave it the same as my other cards)

    DHCP Server Disabled

    Enable Wireless yes
    Wireless Mode: Access Point
    G only
    SSID Cry0WAP
    Broadcast yes and on channel 10
    Security disabled till i can figure out this headache of mine

    So here's the deal, with the above in place the minute i apply the settings (taking me off my Linux box and XP box loose all sight of the router, cannot get a ping off on and obviously as that just got junked in place of the new IP.

    However, the Vista laptop sees the new wireless connection and connects just fine, i can open IE and pull up and view/modify all tomato settings in place. Internet connection however does not exist and i cannot ping any the IP to the XP box or Fedora box.

    If i dare to set anything into WAN/Internet to eg. static ip, i get booted altogether and can't see the router from the laptop anymore nor either the XP / Fedora box.

    I'm missing something either very easy and simple...i'll facepalm for sure or i've got to go deeper into more advanced settings.

    Am i out to lunch here? Is this possible to get working? What did i miss? Help is much appreciated =)

    As a bit of additional info...i used to use a WET54G Connected to the hub in the same fashion setting static blah blah blah...long story short thing lasts 3 hrs before i have to flash the firmware on it again then re-establish all the settings and i'm on RMA #3 with linksys. The setup i'm trying now was a recomendation of a friend. Hopefully as stated above i'm not out to lunch on what i'm tying to acccmplish here.
  2. Cricht0n

    Cricht0n Addicted to LI Member

    Im just going to slink over here and uhhh yeah /facepalm.......

    flicked through a couple of posts in the forums....kinda missed the "Use WAN port for LAN"

    .....dear god......i knew it was simple.....
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