wrt54gl: no more connect after disconnect button pushed? (tomato-slodki-ND-1.28.02)

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by antiplex, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. antiplex

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    hello community,

    while trying to figure out variout things around wan/pppoe connectivity (- http://www.linksysinfo.org/index.ph...ing-wan-on-idle-read-current-idle-time.35215/) with tomato i came across a somewhat weird behaviour that i do not really understand:

    i've set up my wan-connection to be disconnected after a idle time of 90 minutes, after this disconnection happens and i log into the tomato web-gui i can see the correct status 'disconnected'and enabled 'connect' button.
    when a new connection was established (automatically), the status changes to 'connected' and the 'disconnect' button is enabled.

    this works as expected so far.

    but when i disconnect not by waiting until the idle time is reached but manually by pressing the 'disconnect' button, the connection is disconnected, the 'connect' button is enabled and pushing it does not seem to do anything. also if i try to access a webpage, the wan-connection is not established any more.

    can anybody with a similar setup confirm this? is this behaviour intended? am i getting something wrong or might there be a misconfiguration issue?

    i also tried to manually simulate the buttons by issuing the following commands via ssh:
    nvram set action_service=wan-stop
    nvram set action_service_arg1=2
    kill -USR1 1
    which disconnects just like the button would, and then after some seconds
    nvram set action_service=wan-restart
    nvram set action_service_arg1=5
    kill -USR1 1

    which will also not bring back any connection.
    how could i possibly debug this any further? any ideas?

    thank you for your time help in advance,
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