WRT54GL Router with openWRT (coovaAP) and WRE54G EXPANDER (repeater) not really working

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by dave_magu, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. dave_magu

    dave_magu Guest

    HEllo Friends,

    i have some prblems concerning my WRE54G Expander.

    My situation is the following:

    I have openWRT (coovaAP) Firmware installed on WRT54, its still working without any Problems, working as a Hostspot with Chillispot und Radius userauhentification and so on.

    But now i need to expand my range, so on i bought 2 devices from WRE54G v3.

    Ok, i explain some important things:


    WAN: gw /

    LAN: / also bridged with WLAN


    System is working fine, all functions are available, clients will receive an IP from the DHCP Hotspotdeamon, still working, still authentification possible.

    ===> OK , now to the Expanders.

    IN the Webinterface from Router wrt54gl there are any Options concerning WDS, .... the MAC addresses from the Expanders WRE54G are typed in into the WDS. On the WRE54G its showing that its connected with the MAC of my ROUTER WRT54GL.

    BUT i havent enabled the WDS option on the Router.

    Should i enable this? Or is this OPTION only for connection between 2 ROUTERS!?

    And how is it with the IPs from the WRE54g Devices. Should they are in the same Subnet? Routers IP is (LAN/WLAN), an NET

    Which Gateway should i typed in? I tried as GW and IP on the first WRE54g and on the second WRE54g.

    The SSID on both expanders are ,,SOMETHING" the same as on the router, .. but its disabled to SHOW in WRE54g setup !!

    Can anybody help me bit, please?

    I always seen the 2 LED on the WRE54g are shining BLUE,. .. so i dont know whats happend. If its working or not? Have i configured correct?

    Or have i to set some spezialized params on the WRT54GL Router, concerning the DHCP? Is it possible, if my Expanders have allready the IP and that my Router serves this allways used ip's to another Clients, ... or not?

    PLEASE HELP me !!

    With best regards,

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