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WRT54GL supports VDSL? or any other model?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lamode, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. lamode

    lamode Guest

    Hi guys, I am from Malaysia.

    I read an official announcement from my ISP saying that VDSL will be used in my condo when they roll out the high speed broadband to public, but my question is beside changing the current ADSL modem, do we have to change the WRT54GL router aswell?

    Because i am plan to buy a new router and i wan to confirm if WRT54GL can be used with VDSL technology.
    Also any current linksys router that is already build in modem supports VDSL? :erm:
  2. red71

    red71 Network Guru Member

    Yes, It works but you can't use your WRT54GL to "get the VDSL signal", you need a modem. Here in Belgium, there is only one modem VDSL2 compatible : Sagem 3464 but it can differ from countriens.

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