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WRT54GL/Tomato 1.23 Incoming PPTP to W2K server drops after 3 mins

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by solmssen, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. solmssen

    solmssen Guest

    Hi all - I'm new to Tomato and so far I like it very much. I am having an odd VPN problem, though.

    I have a pretty plain vanilla setup - Windows 2000 server running RRAS accepting incoming PPTP connections. In the past, I was using an old BEFW11S4 unit, forwarding port 1723 to the server, and all was well. The BEFW died, I replaced it with a WRT54GL and flashed tomato 1.23, which has worked well for me in two other installations without incoming connections. I set the router up to forward 1723 to the server and was able to make the PPTP connection from a variety of clients (XP, Mac OS, even my Palm Treo using Mergic PPTP), but it drops every time exactly 3 minutes later. The NAT/GRE helper box is checked, and it doesn't matter if I also forward UDP 500 to the server as well.

    Any thoughts? I'm at my wit's end with this, and I would appreciate any advice.

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