WRT54GL +Tomato teaman sdhc - Block ip access to my lan

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by fced, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. fced

    fced Network Guru Member

    I have given acces to internet accross my wifi network to a neighbour, but i would like to prevent him accessing my lan network and my job computers... i just want to give him access to internet

    My config is actually:
    Adsl modem acting as bridge + WRT54GL Tomato Teaman (acting as router) + Airport borne for Wifi (switch wifi)
    wifi disabled on Tomato...

    i was using Tomato 1.28 (original version) and After doing a search on google(Vlan tomato) i have found : Tomato-Teaman-ND-SDHC-VLAN-SNMP-Std-VPN-PPTPD-1.28.0023

    I have installed it and it work well , but now how can i do give access to internet only to an IP adress ?

    Can someone help me pleaaaaase...
    Any idea please ?
    Many Thanks
  2. fced

    fced Network Guru Member

    In fact it's a VLAN i want to create, but i don't know where to start...
    Any help please ?
  3. teaman

    teaman LI Guru Member

    Since you already have one device acting as an Access Point, what you (probably) want to do is an create an additional VLAN, add an extra LAN (bridge) and assign (the whole thing) as part of the same bridge (moving the wireless interface from br0 to br1). Or... you could have the WRT54GL active/enabled on both your guest and main wireless networks.

    Anyways - I think these might be helpful:



    Also, feel free to check out the other pages available on the wiki:

    Please /do/ read those wiki docs in advance... and... don't forget to erase all NVRAM settings (thorough wipe) before actually starting!

    Have fun!

    PS: Teaman-ND v0025 is now available on:
  4. fced

    fced Network Guru Member

    I will have a look... have some fun as you said :)
    in Fact, for first i just wanted to isolate an ip adress from the rest of my lan, then i have think to vlan;.. but may be a simple firewall rule could be the job...
    i will have a look also about iptables...
    Thanks for the links..;
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