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WRT54GL .. Wireless issue..

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by BrandonB, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. BrandonB

    BrandonB Network Guru Member

    WRT54GL (tofu11)

    (affected) Dlink DWL 520 Rev E PCI card

    The 2 other machines in my house..(unaffected)
    Dlink DWL 520 Rev E
    Dlink DWL G630

    Everything is Dlink because I had a dlink router for the last 2 years.. I finally got fedup with having to restart the thing every other day. The WRT54GL is all of 4 days old.

    Ok.. My grandparrents live next door... (100ft ish.. from router to pc) They only live here about half the year so I was hoping to just let them use my wireless network..
    They already had my extra pci card from last time I had to work on the thing.. configured everything.. Worked.. for 10 minutes.. Now nothing...
    Why did it just completely loose the signal? I've tried different channels..

    It goes through 2 walls in my house.. about 50 ft outside and through 2 walls in the other house.. all wood..

    Before it just died the signal was hanging around 35-40%..

    The drivers dlink lists for the card aren't in the same numbering system as what came on the cd.. DWL 520 Rev e .. (3.0.8 vs 1.0(shipping driver)).. So I'm not planning on trying to install them..

  2. BrandonB

    BrandonB Network Guru Member

    Well... I restarted everything.. all seems to be peachy? steady 40-45% signal.. The computer wont be used for anything but browsing so speed isn't an issue...

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