WRT54GP2 VoIP Tech Questions

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by covogolf, May 19, 2005.

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    In regards to the WRT54GP2 Wireless Router with two phone ports, what effect will there be in using only one antenna vs two? I notice that the WRT54GP2A-AT has two antennas but uses only the AT&T Advantage VoIP service offering. I have clients that will be using Vonage with this, so I am assuming there is something in the web interface settings that has to do with the fact of using specifically AT&T vs Vonage. I have installed many WRT54G&GS routers as well as the 11mbps routers, and have known and was tought that using Direct Sequence radios that it was imperative to get the best performance & coverage area to use both antennas, unless lower coverage area is needed or different types of antennas were used that provided the same coverage area. Will the effect of one antenna vs two be a smaller coverage area or slower performance due to send and receive having to use one antenna vs two? On previous WRT54 products I have had to change out the antennas from the standard antennas to 5dbi rubber duck omni antennas to get better performance and coverage in most installs. Does anyone know what is the standard dbi rating on these antennas that are being shipped with this unit? Is there any plans in the works to add a second antenna to the units that are being produced for use with the Vonage service? I assume it has the same web interface utilities except for the ones that may be added to provide for any customizations to Vonage.

    Thanks in advance…
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