WRT54GP2 & WRT54G As A Wireless Access Point?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by linksysdummie, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. linksysdummie

    linksysdummie Network Guru Member

    Ok, first of all, I am not the brightest bulb in the lamp..second of all, I have read and read, and spent several hours on the phone with linksys support and it SEEMS to me that the person I spoke with knows less than I do..and thats not a good thing.

    Here is what I have and would like to do. I have a large "yard" that includes a house, 1 acre of land and a garage. I have several computers...1 desktop, 3 laptops that are all hooked up wirelessly through a variety of linksys products. My WRT54GP2 is a VONAGE router as I am sure all of you know. I was able to hook that up with no trouble at all and also link the notebooks with their PC cards...everything works flawlessly in and around the house. Only when I try to move a laptop to my garage so I can work and have net access do I lose the connection.

    My bright idea was to buy the WRT54G and use it as an Access Point since it was a router, access point and switch..it was also cheaper than the AP so, I figured it was better "bang for the buck" and it would be as simple as plugging it in to an ac outlet and configuring it with my network and that would be that....well, not so fast. After I could not seem to extend the range any, I called linksys, they beat around the bush and said it cannot be done and I needed 2 Access Points.

    I also had purchased tthe 7db antennas so I would be sure that I could have a good strong signal. They of course fit the WRT54G but not the WRT54GP2

    All I need to do is extend this signal just a little farther and boost it a bit. It will connect sometimes and it drops out about as often as it connects. It seems I am close now as the system is but, still far away from where I need to be.

    I have read about a lot of firmware upgrades and 3rd party software but, I do not understand these things and sure do not want to make a doorstop out of what I have now. If anyone has any suggestions, it would be most appreciated.

    Right now, I am prepared to take the WRT54G back and buy the high gain antenna that does fit the WRT54GP2 and see if that boosts it just enough. Still, I think that there may be a better way that might even be idiot proof enough for me!

    Thanks for any and all responses and help!
    God Bless!

  2. bluedog

    bluedog Network Guru Member

    The antennas might be the best bet for you at this time. You seem nervous to load a third party firmware on your router. If you are feeling up to the challenge, load alchemy on your router, then boost up the power to 64 (not sure of the unit -mw?) Anyway I think the default power is 20 something, so that is a pretty big boost. You may have read that some people have bricked their routers, I think that is generally not the case or norm. You will want to download the firmware from here, then with a wired computer, not wireless, navigate to your setup page, then go to the upgrade section and upload your .bin file. Upgrade should happen as expected.

    Hope that helps,
  3. linksysdummie

    linksysdummie Network Guru Member

    Thanks BD!

    Yes, I am very nervous about loading anything to my router. As far as I know, it is setup as it came from the factory. I just dont usually go messing with things I know nothing about. I will look into the firmware you spoke about and see if I feel like that challenge and see what happens. Just going by numbers 20 to 64...that SOUNDS like more than enough to do what I need it to do. Also, the more I read this site, the more I learn that these routers can do much more than what they are setup from the factory to do..and then some.

    Appreciate the response and if I feel froggy, I might jump on it and see what happens!

    Thanks so very much!
    God Bless!
  4. linksysdummie

    linksysdummie Network Guru Member

    Ok, before I go any further, perhaps I misunderstood something.

    The router I have been using for several months is the WRT54GP2 with VONAGE...I bought the WRT54G yesterday to add as an access point.

    BD, we you suggesting I upgrade the firmware for the WRT54G and not the VONAGE router? If I were to do that, I would be unable to use my VONAGE router..correct? If I replaced the GP2 with the G, then I lose my VoIP...correct?

    I also read deeper into this site when I could not find much info on the GP2 and saw that someone posted that there was an agreement between VONAGE and LINKSYS not to make the software "known" or something?

    I said before I was not too good with this and if I mislead someone or misunderstood something, I apologize. Based on what I think I just read, this router (GP2) is worthless as far as increasing the range or modifying the firmware but, if I am to use it for VoIP, its what I have to use.

    What am I missing here or not understanding? The additional antennas are very possible and will happen today but, if I can try to learn to "work" with these routers to make things better, I will be more than happy to learn...I just think that people here know better than me whether I am beating a dead horse with this GP2 or not.

    This is what I get for trying to get one "all in one solution" Should have went with that other VoIP adapter..I think??
  5. bluedog

    bluedog Network Guru Member

    Connecting a WRT54GP2 and 54g

    Correct I was talking about upgrading firmware for a 54g or 54gs. I am not familar with the WRT54GP2 so I can't speak too much about it, so I hope that some others will post.

    I think you could set your network up like...DSL/CABLE---> WRT54GP2 ---> the 54g( with firmware like Alchemy or HyperWRT to boost signal)---> Remote computer.

    The connection to the gp2 and the 54g could be wire or wireless.

    When setting up the 54g you would turn off the DHCP. let the vonage assign the ips...

    Again.. If someone reading this has a better setup that would be great to help you out.

    If you don't get a response from someone more knowledgeable post your topic again asking how to connect the too.. Your question is a great one and I would hate to see it go unanswered...

    This is my understanding from posts that I have read...
    So you load alchemy on your 54g, you should be able to put into client mode, Go to wireless.. then click on the drop down and select client.

    Here are detailed instructions http://www.linksysinfo.org/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=2564

    Putting it in client mode means that you may be able to put it in your remote location rather than keeping it your house. meaning, it might work better for you in the end.. might.

    Hope that gets you started on the right track.. If not, keep your receipts. :)
  6. Guyfromhe

    Guyfromhe Network Guru Member

    you can't run custom firmware on the p2 it is based on vxworks not linux so if you install custom firmware you'll ruin it...
    you should be safe with the wrt54g though BD is right about the connection, however just to specify you'll probably want to connect the lan port on the p2 to the lan port on the 54g.
  7. SimonMackay

    SimonMackay Network Guru Member

    Using the WRT-54G as an access point


    There is no need to write off the WRT54G as a router. It can be set up as an access point with its stock firmware (or preferably the latest firmware).

    To do this, disable DHCP and set the IP address to whatever is in your subnet, preferably one that is not in the DHCP pool that is being "dished out" by the WRT-54GP2 gateway. A good address would be or assuming that the WRT-54GP2 is using . It may be a good idea to turn off the UPnP functionality because it will expose "full IGD control" to the network when there should be only one UPnP IGD (the WRT-54GP2) and that IGD is the device on the network-Internet "edge".

    The wireless parameters (SSID, WEP/WPA mode and key, etc) should be the same for both devices except fo the operating channel, which should be different. This also includes the MAC-address "permit" list.

    As far as connecting both devices together is concerned, connect them using a straight-through Ethernet cable connected to one of the LAN sockets. Then, both devices work as access points for a larger network where laptops and other portable devices can move between both areas. Also, use the remaining Ethernet sockets on both routers to connect "fixed" network devices like network media receivers, desktop PCs and the like.

    With regards,

    Simon Mackay
  8. linksysdummie

    linksysdummie Network Guru Member

    Thanks for all the responses gang. I have had some famil;y problems the last few days and have not had a chance to get back here to check in.

    First of all...maybe I jumped the gun...AGAIN! I returned the router before I had a chance to read everything and understand it....well, still dont really understand it but, if I set down and SEE what I am reading, I will learn to understand it.

    That being said.. and again after talking with the brains at linksys., I was wondering about the wireless g access point as a possible way to solve this extension problem.

    I understand that I would need a firmware upgrade on the access point to make it function correctly but, one issue I need to be SURE of is if I can use....ANYTHING...access point..or getting the router again..and simply setting it up without it having to have a wired (ethernet) connection. In other words, mount it between the two points I am trying to connect and then just put the ac power to it...no cable to the LAN port.

    Is this possible on either of these units with the vonage wireless router I have and/or if it is not, is there something else I could use where I could configure the additional hardware..mount it, power it up and extend the range? THIS is what I need to keep from having to run 100ft of cable to the additional piece. If I had to do that...might as well get the trencher out and dig a trench, lay the ethernet cable in there and connect via this manner.

    Late here on the east coast and I will go back and read all of these posts again in the am to see if I overlooked anything. If anyone can chime in on the connections like I need them, sure would appreciate.

    Hope everyone had a great weekend!
    God Bless!
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