WRT54GS behind Windows Small Business Server 2003

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by jotsnet, May 3, 2005.

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    Hello network uberminds,

    My problem is to set-up the WRT54GS router behind an SBS2003 box and still have the parental controls on the Linksys work for the LAN PCs. Why? Because I want to use ISA2004 as my firewall and not the simple firewall on the Linksys. Software for ISA web content filtering is out there, but much more expen$ive than the Netopia service (and this is just a home network anyway).

    Currently, I have configuration that allows the parental controls to work, but I cannot use ISA2004 as the firewall:
    (SBS2003, PC1, PC2, PC3)--Linksys--CableModem--Internet

    The ISA2004 server in the SBS2003 box needs to sit at the font of the network to work. And so I tried this configuration (with 2 NICs on SBS2003 box), and found that the LAN PCs do not get caught by the parental controls:
    (PC1, PC2, PC3)--Linksys--SBS2003--cableModem--Internet

    Both Linksys and Netopia support say the parental controls need their own subnet - it's a NAT issue. And so this means the Linksys router should be 192.168.Y.1 while the rest of the network is 192.168.X.1.

    I need your advice on how to set this up. Thank you in advance if you can help.
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