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WRT54GS Can not get a IP address from PPPoE server.

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by rantes, May 29, 2006.

  1. rantes

    rantes Guest


    I have a DSL service (PPPoE) working fine with my computer. I bought a Linksys router WRT54GS v.5 (SN: CGN70F333116, MAC: 0016B6389341, firmware 1.50.5) to create a home network. I configured the router using the CD, online utility and manually but when I try to connect to my ISP, I recieved the message "Can not get an IP address from PPPoE server". I tryed with my username and my username with the ISP domanin but the result is the same.

    I tried with DHCP configuration with the same result. I also change router IP address to

    My ISP is ETB ( www.etb.net.co ). Modem Airspan ASWipLL (Outdoor unit SPR, Indoor unit SDA-1)( http://www.airspan.com/products_group.aspx?ProductGroupID=2&ProductID=10 )

    I haver 1 wired WindowsXP PC, 1 wireless WindowsXP laptop

    IP address: LAN: (It's a DHCP so IP could be 192.168.0.xxx) Broadband connection: Device PPPoE, Server IP, Client IP

    Thanks for any help.

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