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WRT54GS, can't reach the DSL Modem Webinterface

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Rana, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. Rana

    Rana Guest

    this is what I try to do :

    Connect the DSL Modem (EUMEX 300IP) to the WAN
    port of my WRT54GS and still be able to reach the
    Webinterface of the Modem (Setup).

    System Setup:
    WRT54G IP
    - Setup the PPOE Data to connect to the provider
    - DHCP enabled -
    - WAN Port goes to the DSL Modem and I can use the Internet

    What I did so far:
    - changed the DSL Modem IP to
    - disabled the internal DHCP of the Modem

    When I connect it like I said above, the Modem
    connects to the DSL line, all computers can use the
    internet via the WRT54g but when I enter the IP
    of the Modem ( I can't reach the setup of the Modem.

    To get there (Modem Setup) I need to connect the
    modem directly to a computer (IP: /
    Change Gateway from to

    When I enter now the Modem IP
    I am right where I whant to be ... Modem SETUP Menue

    Can anyone help me out with an idea what the problem could be ?


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