Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by rainerigs, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. rainerigs

    rainerigs Network Guru Member

    My first post dealt with the problem of my PAP2 VoIP adapter not working properly. I fixed that by enabling SIP in the QOS options thanks for the help! Now I have a laptop and a desktop computer running WPC54G and WUSB54G adapters respecitively. The laptop with the WPC54G adapter works flawlessly but the WUSB54G providing wireless connectivity for the desktop will not pull an IP address via DHCP. After many hours of frustration I finally switched everything to static IP's and all went well for a few hours. Now the desktop in the kitchen is acting up again. If I check the wireless properties of the connection in XP and then click Ok it will come back on again but go out after 20 minutes or so. Sometimes windows will also show that I have no connection when in fact I am connected.
    If there is anybody out there that can help with this problem I would really appreciate it.

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