WRT54GS DHCP troubles with "crappy" nics...

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by PhobMX, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. PhobMX

    PhobMX Guest

    Hi guys, i had a wrt54g router who worked flawless with any nic i threw at it. Now i gave it to my gf and got a wrt54gs for myself.

    Im fixing some relatives computers.... one with and old ass realtek rj45 and coaxial 10mbps nic and another one with a sis900 100mbps nic

    i tried windows 98 in both and whenever i tried to connect or renew the ip for the network all i would get is the following error:

    "DHCP Server non available: renewing adapter"

    I also bought an asus a7v terminator barebone with integrated via rhine nic and it would remain "limited or null connection" so i couldnt use it

    i have a spare realtek 100mps nick and it works okay

    my laptops broadcom nic works okay

    both my lappy intel wireless nic and the speedbooster nic in my sisters comp work okay...

    so is this issue related to:

    defective wrt54gs sample?
    defective wrt54gs dhcp?
    buggy firmware?
    are the non-working nics just crap?
    is there mere incompatibility between the devices?

    i cant tell! pls help

    i currently have lastest official firmware... would anybody suggest a FREE one with a link to try it out? note i have a WRT54GS router

    pls HELP GUYS
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