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WRT54GS + DSL-Modem as remplacement for WAG54G ?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Highelf, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. Highelf

    Highelf Network Guru Member

    I have only problems with my WAG54G (having it for one week). I loose wireless signal, the transfer speed is bad, the wireless signal poor, the internet connection is bad as soon as I start real traffic (ftp or bittorrent), the systems hangs some times, needing to redstart.
    As I still have a standalone german DSL-Modem I was thinking of remplacing the WAG with a WRT54GS and the DSL-Modem I have.
    Would you say it's a good Idea? Or does the WRT54GS have the same problems as the WAG54G ?
    Next point would be if I will be able to connect my WAP54G to the WRT54GS ? I'm using the WAP connected to a normal switch with 3 pc on it. At the moment, i can tell in AP-Mode to do AP-Client (Or wireless client), so the WAP will connect to the WAG directly. Will this still work with the WRT54GS ?
    Thanks a lot for any advice, I'm getting angrier everyday with this stupid WAG.

    P.s. I also have a WGA for my xbox, but I suppose it won't be any problem to connect thisone to the WRT54GS ?
  2. MrAnonym

    MrAnonym Network Guru Member

    Good idea :)

    That's is my actual configuration (USR9003 + WRT54G). When I went to buy a wireless router, the shop told me that it would bea good idea for me to buy WAG54G because I would have everything in one machine... but I wanted WRT54G because of its firmware advantages. So I finally bought WRT54G.
    I have read in a few forums that WAG54G has a lot of problems... I don't have any problem right now with my configuration; I'm using my USR9003 as a ADSL-modem with a firewall (the built-in) and my WRT54G as a switch for my wireless-laptop and PC.
    Some people say that you have two devices when you could have one... but I think that WRT54G reviews are enough good to have two devices instead of one (that it seems not to be working very well...)
    This is my opinion, I hpe it helps you :roll:
  3. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    Sorry I have no experience with the WAG54G but regarding:
    Yes, both of these things should work.

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