WRT54GS Encryption Issue/Freeze>?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by jorgito, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. jorgito

    jorgito Guest

    Hello all, I have been racking my brain, and googling every possible scenario and your forum page came up. Here is my question and if anyone has any feedback or suggestions, they are all welcome.
    I have a wrt54gs that I had to reset b/c I forgot my password and could not log on to change settings. I originally set it up with the CD setup utility that came with it, I have since misplaced it. After the reset, I could log in through the IP address, and set up my PPPoE, user Name, password and all the like. When I attempt to set up my encryption, (WEP, WPA all of them really) I lose all connectivity to the router, even with an rj45 cable. Nothing. I have to do another reset, and do all the settings again, but skip the encryption. I have two other computers that have used the gateway before, on two separate floors, so I would like to have the wireless connectivity with encryption.
    I have called Linksys, and they have done the reset, hard reset, firmware update, use the web based set up, oh the hardware is just not working. It has worked before, and i am not sure if it is under warranty still. So my main questions are,
    Has Anyone run into this before? Is it possible for me to obtain the actual CD that once made the gateway work from Linksys? I have searched and have found nothing of this sort happening to anyone else... Oh yeah, the router info... WRT54GS, V1.1, firmware 3.37.6, Verizon DSL using Westell 2200 (PPPoE)
  2. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    try a 3rd party firmware and do a


    i think that command is. this should erase your nvram and reboot the router. that means all the setting even the ones that resetting from the web interface will be reset.
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