WRT54GS, HyperWRT, WallWatcher, WPA2-AES - a few oddities

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by mquandt, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. mquandt

    mquandt Network Guru Member

    Sorry for lumping a number of very different issues together... the common part is that they probably all have to do with status display/control.

    Using WRT54GS V1.1 ( I believe) with Thibor's 191005 HyperWRT, XP on the laptop with WZC, and Wallwatcher 3.2.25. Connections use WPA2-Personal with AES.

    1. Windows connection message.

    When the laptop first (auto)connects to the router, the Windows bubble message over the task bar says (translated from German!) "Connection to xxx established (unsafe mode)". Of course, the troubling part is "(unsafe mode)". WPA seems to be configured correctly, connects w/o WPA or the key seem to be refused, and the WZC network list displays my network as 'safety activated (WPA2)'. The "unsafe" doesn't always appear on connecting, but often when it is a first connect after booting the laptop. Is XP simply wrong here?

    2. Windows' and router's connection speed info often do not match.

    The bubble message over the task bar symbol report 54,0 Mbits/s (as it should be, given the short distance between router and client). Only the router's status page often reports only 48 Mb at the same time... Who's right?

    3. Bandwidth logging

    I would like to use Wallwatcher to log the bandwidth, too. SNMP does not seem to be supported, so info must come from the log file. This seems to work, superficially - but the WW bandwidth estimate is orders of magnitude below the real bandwidth used! E.g., 500 KB a day when I downloaded 700 MB. So, do the HyperWRT logs simply not contain the necessary packet length information?
    (WW is configured to use "Linksys WRT54G/S (Sveasoft/HyperWRT)" as a router).

    Thanks for all advice that you can give!

    Best, Markus
  2. mikele

    mikele Network Guru Member

    Are you connected "WPA2 personnal only" or "WPA2 personal mixed" ?
  3. mquandt

    mquandt Network Guru Member

    WPA mode

    @mikele: it's 'WPA2 personal only'
  4. mikele

    mikele Network Guru Member

    There is a huge bug with old firmware before 4.70.6. All firmware before this one give access from routeur WITHOUT any encryption (it' so CRAZY but it's the TRUE...) so If you updated from oldie to new Thibor's 191005 HyperWRT firmware you must give an :
    erase nvram; reboot (administration, command shell)
    to erase nvram safely and reboot with brand new firmware implementations.
    If you do that, try to connect by "WPA2 personal mixed" with "AES" it's same.
  5. mquandt

    mquandt Network Guru Member

    i hate doing the reconfig ...

    but I will of course do it! Thanks for the hint, mikele.

    What I don't understand is why "WPA2 personal only" with AES and "WPA2 mixed" with AES should be the same?!? Doesn't 'mixed' mean that the router will look for other authentication protocols apart from personal, too?

    Greetings, Markus
  6. mquandt

    mquandt Network Guru Member

    ok, did "nvram erase; reboot" (entered in the same line in command shell window). Router went offline shortly, rebooted, connections were back within 20-30 secs.

    I previously believed that I would have to enter all my configuration like passwords, keys etc. again? Was that wrong, or did the 'erase' not succeed here?

  7. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    try "erase nvram; reboot" instead
  8. mikele

    mikele Network Guru Member

    @mquandt I don't know for WPA2 personal mixed. Personaly when I configure WPA2 personal only I don't have any signal on my wirelessed laptop (Toshiba Satellite Atheros mini PCI WPA2 certified) and I must tune "WPA2 mixed mode" to have "AES" signal. Anyway I think "AES" is WPA2 and no idea about personal only or mixed modes...
    If erase nvram; reboot doesn't run try to unplug your router with 30 sec reset on backside. After reset or erase you have to re-enter all your configurations hits for sure
  9. mquandt

    mquandt Network Guru Member

    Oh well... Thanks.
  10. mquandt

    mquandt Network Guru Member

    ok, last status:

    "erase nvram; reboot" worked once I used the right order ;-). Entered all the config info again and now choose "WPA2 personal mixed" and "TKIP+AES" for wireless security.

    But all that has NOT helped the problem that - when the laptop is waking up from hibernation - the WZC connection message says "unsafe" on first connect.

    By the way, any takers on the other questions in my first post (speed display and wallwatcher bandwith logging)?

    Thanks again, Markus
  11. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    regarding your first post:
    Router speed: i don't know the answer to that.
    Bandwidth: in my next version, in the Router status page are the bandwidth statistics for each interface, ie WLAN, WAN & LAN
    it's not ready for release yet, but will be shortly.
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