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WRT54GS Install Rev B: Missing certificate status

Discussion in 'TinyPEAP Firmware' started by scaron, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. scaron

    scaron Network Guru Member

    Downloaded firmware 2.1b to the WRT54GS
    Reset to factory defaults
    Enable SSH

    Power OFF/Power ON

    Change router password
    Enable SSH login with password
    tinyPEAP add user scaron

    Power OFF/Power ON

    SSH access verified with wired port

    verified peapd running from SSH session
    verified user created appears in tinyPEAP web page

    BTW: 1) there may be more than 1 users: "View user" -> "View users"
    ___ 2) "Raidus" is misspelled

    verified from nvram that peapd_certificate is empty
    verified that certificate download page is "empty" (does not download any certificate)

    Comment: Certificate Mgmt in web page should have some error condition displayed

    Create certificate pair (Common name: PCEsansfil)

    verified from nvram that "certificate", "peapd_certificate" and "ca_certificate" are assigned

    verified that certificate can be downloaded

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