WRT54GS - Internet deconnection problem

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Jolan, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. Jolan

    Jolan Network Guru Member

    I've read a big part of the day on this site to try to find something about my problem. The switch part of my router is working perfectly, with wired and wiredless computers talking to each other with no problem. 8)

    But the internet connection drop for no reason at all, with me doing nothing else than browsing.

    I upgraded my router to the new firmware : v4.50.6 from Linksys, not knowing at the time that other firmware exist for the WRT54GS. And now I've got the really funny "Upgrade are failed" if I try to put another firmware on it.
    Is there a way to downgrade my firmware?
  2. Jolan

    Jolan Network Guru Member

    BTW, My internet connection is stable with only my modem.
  3. Jolan

    Jolan Network Guru Member

    No one replies to me?

    Well, I tried a lot of things since my first posting, and the only one who seems to work since then is putting a big fan in front of my WRT54GS. This router was hot since I plug it the first time, but I never thought the problem might be that this little box was hot. :?

    I will let this go for some time, And I will write again in this place about it. :twisted:
  4. r_macleod

    r_macleod Network Guru Member

    I wish people on this forum could help you because I have the same exsact problem with my WRT54G. Its driving me nuts, yesterday it worked for about 4 hours. I then went to bed and in the morning woke up to a "limited or no conectivity warning". I could not log into the router and the power light was blinking.... just from sitting over night??? Other problems are like you describe about just droping the conection. Good Luck with your problem, I am returning the pile of junk ASAP. I hope mine is just a defective product and most dont do this.... BTW its a new router from the factory with the new firmware. :)

    Router Version 3.1
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