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    Dear friends,
    I am italian and I have had a very big difficult to UNDERSTAND the GUIDE to configure WRT54GS in CLIENT MODE!


    I work very well in this condition:

    WRT54GS (AP) <------- DWL 900 AP+ (CLIENT)

    in this way I have not a problem because the DWL 900 AP+ have a FUNCTION that allow me to SURVEY the wireless network and also to SELECT and CONNECT the PREFERRED wireless network


    But I have bought 2 WRT54GS because I think that are very good for my experimental! I WOULD to use my WRT54GS in this WAY:

    WRT54GS (AP) <----- WRT54GS ( CLIENT )
    <----- DWL 900 AP+ ( CLIENT )

    Like you can understand, for the DWL900AP+ I have not a PROBLEM but FROM 2 MONTH I CANNOT CONNECT WRT54GS in Client Mode to another WRT54GS in AP mode
    I have many DIFFICULT and I'm lookinf for someone that are able to tell me about that!
    SORRY for my bad english!
    Many thank again!

    FABIO from ITALY
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