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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by ketron82, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. ketron82

    ketron82 Network Guru Member

    Dear Friend of the Forum,
    I am Italian and sorry for my not very beautiful English. I live in central part of Italy Between some mountain and I have not ADSL....but with my 20Km Wireless Network I have Taken her
    I have a big problem......if I config all my WRT54GS in WDS MODE, in my wifi network all work fine and the PCs are able to go in internet. I would to increase TX RATE and I would to have one WRT54GS in AP MODE and the other in CLIENT MODE but in this way I have a problem :

    1) In this WAY all are ok

    PC ( <--WIRE--> WRT54GS ( AP WDS MODE) <----> WRT54GS (In MOUNTAIN AP WDS MODE) <----> WRT54GS ( AP WDS MODE) <--WIRE--> PC ( with INERNET connection)

    If I set all devices with GATEWAY= and DNS= all the network work very fine and all the device can access internet

    2) In this way I have the problem:

    PC ( <--WIRE--> WRT54GS ( CLIENT MODE) <----> WRT54GS (In MOUNTAIN AP MODE) <----> WRT54GS ( CLIENT MODE) <--WIRE--> PC ( with INERNET connection)

    In this way the problem is: are able to ping INTERNET without problem are NOT able to ping INTERNET but I see that making www.google.ping I have this response:

    Esecuzione di Ping www.l.google.com [] con 32 byte di dati:

    It will stop here whitout any other response.......so we can see that the DNS are working (I think) but the ping cannot come back...?!?!? Have I made some big error in my network settings??I have not Firewalls or other type of filters enabled! It is very particullary because from config 1 to config 2 I changed only AP to CLient in some of the WRT54GS....?!?!
    Please Help Me
    Many thanks to all

    Msn: ketron82@libero.it

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