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wrt54gs v1 sd-mod

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by shibby20, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. shibby20

    shibby20 Network Guru Member

    Please tell me where i made a mistake?

    i made sd-mod with adapter sd and microsd card on my wrt54gs v1.

    i used this solution:
    http://wiki.openwrt.org/OpenWrtDocs/Customizing/Hardware/MMC - 3.1 WRT54G v2.0, i think its this same PCB as my.
    i upgraded to slodki`s soft, use GPIO na cs-7,di-5,clk-3,do-4 and i got in log:
    mmc: init: power on/insertion initialization
    mmc: init: CMD0 - reset...
    mmc: init: No card detected

    i used microsd card 2gb, 1gb and 128mb.

    i tried roadkill`s soft, trzepakotomato and openwrt and result is the same. please tell me witch of GPIO i need to use? i dont have more ideas :(


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