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WRT54GS V4 - I dont know what to do anymore?!

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Bohne78, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. Bohne78

    Bohne78 Guest


    First of all I´m sorry for my english.

    Recently i bought a WRT54GS. I upgraded the firmware to the latest version (original linksys firmware 1.05.2). Surfing on the net i found that some 3rd party firmware are able boost the output power. So I begun tho install the HyperWRT. Following the tutorial, first I must install DD-WRT, then HyperWRT.

    Flashing the router with the first one was no problem, and I still had access via web and all functions seem to be normal.

    After that, I installed the HyperWRT and the system says me the the upgrade was OK.

    At first I cant access the web, then I realized that the power led was blinking and the Wirless led was off. Pinging my router was also negative.

    I did some research onthe net and found that this problem was caused by an abnormal firware instalation. So, I tried many diferent form in putting my router back into work. At final, I opened the case and grounded pin 16 and the router begun to respond to the pings. Immediatly I started the TFTP soft. I uploaded the Linksys original firmware.

    But, i thought that the router would come back to life... now the power led still continues to blink and all LAN led + the DSL led are on...

    I became no signal from the LAN ports...

    Has anyone som idea what this can be?

    Best regards,

  2. rsanper

    rsanper Guest

    i got the same problem

    did anyone (or you mario) find a solution for this problem? I got the same one.
  3. afroboy

    afroboy Guest

    fuck. cant ping the router

    i have the problem. cant ping wrt54gs v.4. power led is blinking. is it something i can do about it?

    please help
  4. Vashek

    Vashek LI Guru Member

    HI! I have recently flashed wrt54gs with freeman basic and got the same problem. The power led is blinking and I can't ping it. Did you solve your problem yet? I will do my research and try to find the solution. If I'll fix I'll let you know. If you know how to fix it, please let me know!:)

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