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WRT54GS, WET (bridge) to a verizon wireless router

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by azz777, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. azz777

    azz777 Network Guru Member

    anyone know how to WET (bridge) to a verizon wireless router with one WRT54GS (v3) thanks
  2. danielhaden

    danielhaden Network Guru Member

    Same wireless channel
    Same wireless security
    *not wpa2
    *WPA+AES will work fine.
    *WPA+TKIP will work fine.
    Same wireless password
    Same wireless SSID
    Same wireless mode (G-only or mixed)

    IP address is 1 number higher (or at least in the same range--could even be .254) router bridge

    WAN port disable
    Firewall disable
    QOS disable
    DHCP disable

    power off
    power on

    *WET bridge recieves a wireless signal and serves only wired clients.

    *IP address is needed in range only during setup. For a truly transparent bridge, move the WET IP address to a different range after setup. For example: Fortunately, this step is as unneccessary as it is inconvenient. ;)

    *You may also use a WET bridge as a relay station by plugging in another AP/wireless router in back-to-back. Of course the second unit must be on a far seperate channel, while the SSID may be the same. Despite the channel being different, at least 7 feet of physical seperation is recommended. This application is similar to WDS, except that wireless relay is twice as fast as WDS.

    *Since you are using the high speed version of HyperWRT, you may engage speedbooster for all modes by putting the command
    nvram set afterburner_override=1
    into the startup script located on the administration page. For more information, see the forums of hyperwrt.org.
  3. ViperGX

    ViperGX Network Guru Member

    and how STA ?
  4. danielhaden

    danielhaden Network Guru Member

    Well, I can't exactly remember, but either the WAN port is shut off or it is set on manual with some address like: IP Mask Gateway and DNS

    I have never gotten client mode (STA) to work on Tofu's releases, but it must have been something I did. I knew it worked on Thibor's so I just switched my V3 "G" over to a "GS" (more information at the forums of hyperwrt.org) and it only took 3 minutes to convince it to work in STA (client mode). Now people tell me that Tofu11 is a bit faster on the Internet, so I'm tempted to check that out again.

    Hey, I hope that helps. ;)

    Viper, I'll bet that your WRT54GL will love running speedbooster. ;)

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